Studio Fabian Harb
Unterstrasse 34, 9000 St.Gallen

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Dinamo Typefaces

Identity and campaign for Heimspiel, in collaboration with Nina Paim
Web development by Jakub Straka
Photo by Michal Florence Schorro

Corporate typeface and design direction for Knives
Cover art by Joe Hamilton and Joshua Petherick amongst others
3D modeling by Michael Tan

Corporate typeface with corresponding Italic for Discipline Magazine
Graphic design by Robert Milne

Corporate typeface for Kunsthalle Zürich
Graphic design by Dan Solbach
Photo by Daniel Baumann

Typeface and website for Weiss Falk, Basel
Works by Matter/Zahn, Daniel Murnaghan and Timothée Calame amongst others
Documentation by Gina Folly, web development by Jakub Straka

Signage for Offprint Paris 2014
With and for Team Laurenz Brunner
Photo by Jeremy Ayer

Foldouts for Appenzell Ausserrhodische Kulturstiftung
Photos by Georg Gatsas

Book for Jonathan Horowitz, in collaboration with Laurenz Brunner, Geoff Han and Malin Gewinner
Awarded in the Most Beautiful Swiss Books competition, 2015
Photo by Andrea Grambow, Joscha Kirchknopf

Typefaces and design for Dinamo Standards
Contents under public domain, site development by Morgan Brown

Textile products for Actual Source and Dinamo Hardware, in collaboration with Johannes Breyer
Styling by Number 04, photos by Weston Colton

Typeface and catalogue for the 26. Bienále Brno, in collaboration with Johannes Breyer, Radim Peško, Tomáš Celizna and Adam Macháček
Awarded in the Most Beautiful Czech Books competition, 2015
Photos by RP, TC, AM, Kamil Till & Andrea Velnerová

Typeface and anniversary boxset for Planet Mu, in collaboration with Joe Shakespeare
Photo by Thomas Quaye

Typeface and identity for the literature funds of Appenzell Ausserrhoden
Web development by Julia Novitch